coffee talk 7.28.15

Good morning! Grab your cup of coffee and join me for a chat, won’t you?

Did you watch the Bachelorette?

I’ll admit it – the dating show is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I get just as hooked on the dramatic rose ceremonies as I do the fun recaps I have with my co-workers the next day. No spoilers on this season’s final rose, but here’s an interesting look at the business ventures of the show’s past stars. I’ve watched more seasons of the Bachelor & Bachelorette than I care to admit, and from what I can remember, most of the female leads seem just a bit smarter than some of the dreamboat guys. So why aren’t they capitalizing on this success? Get yours, girls.

Why Aren’t The Bachelorettes Kicking Butt In Business?

And if you’re still on the Kaitlyn’s hate squad, let’s move on, shall we? The “comment-sphere” of the internet is out of control these days. So is the portrayal of Kaitlyn as an immoral, fragile shell of a woman for choosing to have sex with one of her male suitors. We get it, ABC, but no need to break someone down for a so-called mistake in order to heroically build her back up in front of a live audience.

Yes, ‘The Bachelorette’ is to blame for the cyberbullying of Kaitlyn Bristowe

Anyway, I guess it was the “most dramatic season ever”.

Can you do the Whip?

I’m not even going to embarrass myself by trying, I’ll just leave it to these girls.

Leah Still challenges Riley Curry to a dance off in the cutest of ways

What are you reading?

I just finished 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works by Dan Harris. A long title for an interesting book that’s part memoir, part self-help, and oftentimes an ode to meditation. It made me interested in the benefits of meditation, although the practice itself is certainly easier said than done.

Can Meditation Make You 10% Happier?

Does your dog have any party plans this summer?

Cooper’s keeping things low-key, although he’s sad to have missed out on this one.

The Summer’s Best Party Was For Dogs, Not Humans

What’s new with you?

I’m finishing up with my last class of the summer (hallelujah) and enjoying a few quiet days off from work hanging with my family. It has been a good yet mellow summer so far, but I’m hoping to fit in a few adventures before it’s over!


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