puppy bites: adoptables 8.30.15

Hi all, happy Sunday! I spent my afternoon with some of the sweetest furballs at PAWS. Please share and help these lovebugs find their forever homes!







Sweet, Angel, and Queen (from top) are all available or soon to be available at PAWS Philadelphia, but I doubt any of these sweet girls will take too long to find homes!


puppy bites: adoptables 8.16.15

It was a quiet morning at the shelter, but I got to play with these two sweeties!





Dakota3Bambi & Dakota are both new to the shelter and aren’t listed on the website yet, but there are plenty of other sweet pups looking for homes at PAWS Philadelphia.

In other wonderful news, #ClearTheShelters day was a huge success nationwide! More than 9,000 pets in the Philadelphia region alone found homes. PAWS set a new shelter record of over 60 adoptions (plus more awaiting approvals)! Congrats to all the adoptive families on your amazing new additions.

clear the shelters day

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Today I wanted to share a cool new promotion I heard about on the news recently.

Source: NBC Philadelphia
Source: NBC Philadelphia

NBC10 has partnered with local animal shelters to waive pet adoption fees for Clear the Shelters Day, this Saturday, August 15th.

Source: Animal Welfare Association; Voorhees, NJ
Source: Animal Welfare Association; Voorhees, NJ

According to the ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million animals (3.9 million dogs) enter shelters nationwide each year. While 2.7 million of those animals are adopted, the same amount are sadly euthanized.

Source: Pennsylvania SPCA; Philadelphia, PA
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA; Philadelphia, PA

Spread the word about Clear the Shelters Day using #ClearTheShelters on social media.

Source: Animal Rescue League; Berks County, PA
Source: Animal Rescue League; Berks County, PA

You can help save a life! Check out this list of local shelters participating in the day!

puppy bites: adoptables 8.10.15

Hey guys! Yesterday I spent some time at PAWS Philadelphia playing with some of the adoptable puppies. I wish I could take every single one home with me, but sadly that isn’t possible. Hopefully sharing some of my snaps of these pups will help to find them their forever homes!

IMG_4201[1] IMG_4220[1] IMG_4225[1] IMG_4235[1] IMG_4242[1] IMG_4243[1] IMG_4249[1] IMG_4250[1] IMG_4253[1]

These dogs (and more) are available for adoption at PAWS Philadelphia.

Not local? Check out www.adoptapet.com for adoptables near you!

why an older dog might be your new best friend

When I first decided I was ready to adopt a dog, I knew that a puppy would not be realistic. I worked full-time and was just embarking on a part-time graduate program. I lived with 3 other girls in a rented Philadelphia row-home with a tiny back patio and no grass or yard to speak of. Though I knew a puppy was not the ideal choice, I began my search expecting to find a perfectly trained, fully housebroken, 2 year old dog waiting for me. That’s not exactly how things worked out.

Happy as can be at the park.

After hours of online searching and some applications that were more complicated than those that got me into college, I was introduced to Cooper. A 7 year old dog with some “behavioral issues”. I originally dismissed the idea, but the rescue group encouraged me to meet him. Cooper’s foster family drove us over to the dog park, and on the short ride back he snuggled up in my lap and looked up at me with big, hopeful eyes. It was all over.

Don’t worry, he made himself right at home.

Even though an “older dog” (I use that term loosely, because 1. Cooper and I have a deal that he’s going to live to be 100 and 2. Cooper is more “middle-aged” for dogs his size) was not what I had in mind, it turned out to be the best choice. Here’s a few reasons why “older dogs” are the best:

  1. You know what to expect. Cooper had some past issues with kids that weren’t so nice to him, so it was recommended he go to a family without any little ones around. For me, that was no problem. Additionally, I knew that he had separation anxiety, and I was willing to give him all the love and security he needed. In fact, my separation anxiety  is now probably worse than his. With an older dog, you may already know some aspects about their personality (temperamental, hyper, needy, loving) that you are or are not prepared to handle. Rather than rolling the dice with a puppy who is ever-changing, you can select a dog with a personality that already compliments your lifestyle.
  2. Some of the work is already done for you. Many older shelter dogs are already partially or fully housebroken, and may even have a few tricks up their sleeve. Cooper has never had an accident in my home, and came eager to please with his “sit” and “stay” tricks. And that old theory about not being able to teach old dogs new tricks? Either my pup is the complete exception or it’s totally false, because Cooper’s favorite thing to do is learn silly new crowd pleasers.
  3. Your shoes aren’t in danger. Puppies chew everything. There’s no getting around it! An older, well-behaved dog won’t chew your things or destroy your house while you’re at work.
  4. They’re less needy. Other than your love and care, most senior dogs don’t need quite as much attention or training as puppies. One or two good walks a day and some play and cuddle time are all that Cooper really needs to be happy and healthy. He easily adapts to my crazy schedule and is always waiting to greet me at the door after a long day of work.
  5. But they need you the most. Let’s be honest – there are obvious reasons why some people want a younger pet. But regardless of the reasons that their previous owners gave them up, every dog deserves a chance at a happy ending. You are literally saving their lives by adopting them, and they will repay you with undying love and devotion.
That face.

Check out the below reasons to adopt a more experienced pup, as well as resources to help you find your perfect match.